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Documentation development has been halted in favor of bringing v2.0 to Feature Complete status.


Step 1 - Drop the AjaxControlFramework.dll file into the /bin directory of your website.
Step 2 - Add runat="server" to the <head> and <body> elements.

That's it!

That's right. You don't have to add HTTP Handlers or modify your web.config in any way to get this bad boy working because that would be lame and a waste of your precious development time. Now start crankin'.

On the other hand, if you want to make changes to the source code you'll need ILMerge and Web Deployment Projects installed. If you want advice on how to work around the open source licensing and add on to the project, ask me. I'd be happy to explain the legal shinanigans.

Noob Reminder - You need to add the <%@ Register TagPrefix="ajaxControl" Namespace="AjaxControlFramework" Assembly="AjaxControlFramework" %> directive to your Page/User Control (or add an entry to the <controls> section of your web.config) in order to reference the UpdateRegion in your markup.

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