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Script Directive Guidelines

Directive Properties

  • Inherits

  • Language

  • Name
    • This property is ignored for .ascx.jsx and .aspx.jsx files where the full type name is used as the name of the script within the InternalScriptManager automatically.
    • Default Value:

  • Enabled
    • This property allows .jsx Scripts to be turned off globally within an ASP.NET application so that they will not be rendered to the page.
    • Possible Values: true, false
    • Default Value: true

  • AutoRender
    • This determines whether or not a .jsx Script is automatically added to the InternalScriptManager for rendering on the page. If "false" is specified, then the Script will require manual registration with a ScriptManager control as a "compiled" script (the "Type" property of the <Script> control will need to be set to "Compiled"), or with the InternalScriptManager programmatically.
    • Possible Values: true, false
    • Default Value: true

  • Singleton
    • .
    • Possible Values: true, false
    • Default Value: true
(Maybe change this to "Type" with possible values: "Static" and "Dynamic")

  • RenderLocation
    • This property allows implementers to choose where the
    • Special Details: Unlike normal <Script> controls declared within a <ScriptManager>, .jsx Scripts cannot be rendered in-place. In other words, the "Here" option is not available as a location for rendering.
    • Possible Values: Head, Body
    • Default Value: Body

  • Dependencies
  • Possible Values: { The name of other .jsx Scripts or Scripts declared within ScriptManagers, where multiple names are separated by a comma (','). }

  • Type
    • Consider getting rid of this.

Directive Example

<%@ Script Inherits="Float.ucCssCodeRegion" Language="C#" Singleton="true" Type="File" AutoRender="false" Enabled="false" RenderLocation="Body" Name="ucCssCodeRegion" Dependencies="jQuery,jQueryUI" %>

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