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v2.x.x Docs

All documentation for v2.x.x is a work-in-progress. Also, considering that v2.x.x of the code is still a work-in-progress, the documentation is liable to change. A pre-beta release will be made available that will coincide with this documentation within the next month or two.


  • AJAX enabled, “control centric,” module development (you’d be surprised how difficult this can be)
  • Design Goals of the AJAX Control Framework (you can skip over this)
  • Modular Design
  • 1 Script for Every AJAX Control
  • Loading your JavaScript only when it’s needed
  • OnLoad Handlers: ensuring your AJAX Control on the client-side loads after the DOM
  • Load, Update, Invoke, and Global Invoke (the 4 Base Methods)
  • AJAX Methods
  • AJAX Properties
  • AJAX Child Controls
  • Handler Queue
  • Out-of-band AJAX Controls
  • ViewState and ControlState
  • Client-side redirecting
  • Authentication/Membership integration
  • Exception Handling
  • Loading Overlays (automated and available out-of-the-box Smile)
  • ASP.NET Validators within an UpdateRegion or a custom AJAX Control




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